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Eric Millstein MD

Orthopedic Excellence
Dr. Eric Seth Millstein, a Beverly Hills board certified orthopedic surgeon, is a leading  expert in advanced arthroscopic techniques for knee and shoulder surgery.

While Dr. Millstein specializes in surgical reconstruction and repair of orthopedic injuries, he emphasizes a thorough evaluation of all treatment options when developing individualized treatment plans for his patients. Learn more about Dr. Millstein.

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Need a second opinion?

Many patients come to see Dr Millstein for a second opinion about proceeding with a recommended surgery, or to address concerns about a suboptimal recovery from surgery. Some patients simply want to confirm a diagnosis or ask further questions.

We believe doctors should never try to prevent you from getting a second opinion. Instead, they should encourage it.

Dr. Millstein focuses on communication, building trust, and thoroughly explaining treatment options.

Contact us today to get a second opinion from Dr. Millstein.

Second Opinion

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