Our Team

The staff at Dr. Millstein’s office is dedicated to providing you with the best orthopedic and sports medicine care in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Nancy, Nurse and Office manager

Nancy has over 20 years of experience as an office manager and orthopedic nurse, and truly cares about our patients. She is a compassionate patient advocate,  an outstanding communicator, and a mentor to the rest of our team.   Nancy is highly regarded in the office, by co-workers and patients alike, and has built lasting and fruitful relationships with many of our patients over the years.

Mariana, Practice Coordinator

Mariana, who used to be a surgical assistant in the operating room, now uses her first-hand expertise to help patients carry out treatment plans with care and compassion. She is friendly, efficient, and works very hard to be available to all of our patients on a daily basis.

Beth, Patient Coordinator

Beth has helped to transform the way the front office functions over the past five years. She is a patient’s first exposure to the practice, and we are proud to have her in that position. Beth uses her caring personality to put our patients at ease and help them in any way that she can.

Zandra, Patient Coordinator

As with Beth, Zandra has transformed the way the office functions over the past five years. She is one of the first people a patient will see when coming into the office, and she is a great resource for new and returning patients. She is compassionate and caring in nature, and we are all proud to have such an energetic co-worker look out for our patients.