A patient talks about his knee replacement surgery.


    A patient talks about his knee replacement & rotator cuff surgery.


    A happy patient talks about his experience with Dr. Millstein!

  • After having consultations with three well-known orthopedic surgeons in the Los Angeles area, I selected Dr. Millstein to reconstruct my ACL in my right knee. Dr. Millstein took the time to explain my options in person and we came to a joint decision where I had 100% confidence. I opted to use my hamstring tendons, instead of patellar or cadaver tendons, as it gave me the best chance to continue skiing, biking, surfing, playing tennis, and participating in all of the sports that I love. Within one year, I was back to 95% and now don’t even wear a brace. My right knee actually feels tighter and stronger than my left! What convinced me to select Dr. Millstein was the amount of attention he gave during the consultation and the fact that he was able to diagnose my ACL tear through joint manipulation even before he saw the MRI. It was clear he know what we was doing. He even called me on Saturday after my surgery to check in and see how I was doing. Thank you, Dr. Millstein!
    – Zach

  • An aged athlete who refuses to give up, I suffered a knee injury that proved to be a turn meniscus. After consulting with friends who’d had bad experiences with other orthopods who, though good doctors, forced them to wait for hours and in general didn’t seem to care, I found Dr. Millstein. On my three visits to Dr. Millstein’s office, I never waited more than five minutes. He could not have been more cordial and friendly. My operation and recovery went like clockwork with limited pain and discomfort. Two months later I am athleticizing in full swing, wondering if I’ll start training for a triathlon. Life being what it is, and me being who I am, I expect I’ll have another injury one day; and I won’t hesitate to have Dr. Millstein deal with it.
    – Chuck M.

  • Great experience with Dr. Millstein.  I had a ruptured Achilles Tendon (aka, the Kobe Bryant injury) and was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Millstein by an anesthesiologist friend.  Injured on Saturday, I saw him on a Monday and had surgery that Thursday.  Good follow up from him and his staff.  Great bedside manner, confident but not cocky, and he set realistic and practical expectations right from the get-go.

    I’d recommend him to anyone who is injured and seeking the best surgeon.
    – Eric T.

  • I admire Dr. Millstein and his work. He took care of my ACL and meniscus after a freak kick boxing accident. It’s been about 2 years and I’m good as new, if not better. I’m back to squatting, kicking, and doing Spartan Races! I highly recommend him for athletes who want a Dr. who understands your active lifestyle. Injuries are just as difficult mentally as they are physically. Dr. Millstein definitely understands that.
    – Darlene

  • I had a rotator cuff repair at this office.  As far as the office staff goes, the employees at Dr Millstein’s office are top notch. They were able to coordinate my surgery very quickly and worked very well with my personal physician to have the pre-surgical physical done.

 I was equally impressed with Dr Millstein. I had gone to him on the recommendation of a friend so I knew he would be good but he exceeded expectations. 

Prior to seeing Dr Millstein, I had made an appointment with another doctor with a large practice. When I went to that appointment I was seen only by a PA who concluded I needed surgery (which I definitely did) and the actual surgeon never introduced himself. Needless to say I was not impressed. 

My experience with Dr Millstein, however, was as opposite as it could be. He personally met with me and pointed out on my MRI what he planned to do. The PA at the other office had shown me the surgery on a photocopy of a generic picture of a shoulder. Dr Millstein answered all of my questions and I felt very confident knowing he was going to conduct the surgery.

As for the actual surgery, it was conducted right around the corner at a surgery center. The staff there is equally efficient and everything went like clockwork.

 I hope I never need another orthopedic surgery, but if I do, I would never consider going anywhere else.
    – Brian

  • I went to see Dr. Millstein for a meniscus tear that needed repair and had about as positive a surgical experience as one can hope for.  I was back on my feet within a few days of the procedure, with minimal swelling and no pain.  In short, a terrific outcome.

    Aside from being a great surgeon, Dr. Millstein is personable, caring, and runs a great office.  They got me in for appointments with minimal wait time, were very accommodating regarding the surgical center where I needed (for insurance reasons) to schedule my procedure, and made sure that I had the necessary equipment for a quick and full recovery.

    I’d go back to Dr. Millstein without hesitation if I’m ever faced with anything like this again.

    – Ken

  • ONE OF THE BEST!!! This was one of the best doctor experiences I’ve had recently. From the first contact with the office to make an appointment, through sending me all the necessary paperwork, appointment confirmation and the doctor visit itself (including almost no wait time) it was nothing but pleasure. Dr. Millstein’s Beverly Hills office deserves the highest praise. Especially after having a really unpleasant experience with another known doctor from D.I.S.C (Marina Del Rey), I expected what the norm for orthopedic surgeons has become in recent years. Not so. Dr. Millstein is one of the most pleasant, considerate and caring doctors I have encountered in quite some time. As a personal trainer/someone who needs to stay very healthy and active, I am very discerning when it comes to choosing physicians I work with, or recommend to my clients. In my opinion, the knowledge is just as important as service and attitude, since what good is the best knowledge if you don’t feel comfortable with the person and the office is sub-par. What sets Dr. Millstein apart from others is a lack of arrogance so commonly seen in many doctors these days. I always thought that with age and experience comes humbleness, but usually it’s arrogance instead. Dr. Millstein, even though still very young, is an exception. I hope he never changes.

    – Monika T.

  • Dr. Millstein not only is a terrific surgeon but a kind and caring doctor–a rare combination. In all my visits, he has listened carefully and provided thoughtful answers to my questions. He has made me feel like a partner in my treatment, rather than a passive recipient of his care. His staff is excellent, too–both professional and warm.

    My experience with doctors in general and orthopedists in particular has been rife with condescension and indifference, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a doctor who treated me with respect and kindness. My knee surgery was successful and far easier than I expected, with an incredibly short recovery time and very little pain. But just as important to me was Dr. Millstein’s expert care before and after surgery. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a doctor.

    – Hope

  • Dr. Millstein was great! He made me feel very comfortable immediately and after examining me, told me I should try physical therapy first. After about a month, he checked back in with me to see if my pain was going away. I really appreciated the follow up on his end. I highly recommend Dr. Millstein!

    – Jess

  • Loved Dr. Millstein!  I needed meniscus surgery and had been referred to “all the best” of the other orthopods in BH and MDR.  The others were such a chore to get an appointment with and had some pretty scary reviews of how their offices were run.  While I was doing my research, Dr. Millstein’s yelp review kept popping up. Could I find an orthopedic surgeon through Yelp I thought to myself?  So I kept doing research, made a surgical consult appointment with one of the best, a MONTH away (other doc’s very earliest available) and decided to look further into Dr. Millstein.  I really liked what I read and decided to see Dr. M.  Called and had an appointment three days later, had my consult & surgery completed before my appointment with that other doc even came around.  So GLAD I went with Dr. M!  My surgery was in the BH facility he uses and everyone at the surgery center was amazing.  Dr. M. also does surgery in a MDR facility which I’ve heard is also wonderful but I had to go to BH for insurance coverage reasons.  Most orthopods do surgery and have offices in two or three cities and most also work under the larger umbrella of a corporate group of surgeons.  Dr. Millstein is a part of the D.I.S.C. Spine & Sports Center.  Every one of Dr. Millstein’s office staff is so nice and very helpful but I did have a couple of annoyances with hearing back from his assistant in a timely manner and once had a heck of a time getting someone to answer the phone.  Both of these situations Dr. Millstein was aware of and assured me they are working on it.  Nothing’s perfect and no medical office gets it right all of the time and I will take my experience with Dr. Millstein any day.  Waiting room experience was also excellent…ten minutes the first time and maybe 15 the next.

    – Diana

  • Eric: After the three Orthovisc injections, my left shoulder is nearly pain free. I know it may not last forever, but I wanted to thank you very much. All the best,
    – Andy

  • He is a fabulous doctor!
    – Wendy

  • Dr. Millstein, What wonderful relief! You are the ligament fairy indeed!
    – Nathalie

  • Dr. Millstein was very kind, and interested in helping me. He spent lots of time with me, identified the problem, and explained what we could do.
    – Lynne

  • Dear Dr. Millstein,
    Just wanted to send a quick thank you for providing a wonderful (and rare) office visit! I was in and out in an hour, treated so well by everyone, and had the good fortune of being seen by a great doctor. If only ALL doctor’s visits could be like that. A most sincere thank you to you!
    – Holly

  • Dr. Millstein,
    Thank you so much for mending my knee. I have complete range of motion and NO PAIN!
    – Sheila

  • Dear Dr. Millstein,
    My deepest appreciation for your kindness and excellence. Your advice is deeply appreciated.
    – Mari

  • Dear Dr. Millstein,
    I feel so blessed that you were able to see me and perform surgery, all within a matter of hours. I know that your urgency and time is what helped save the joint! Also thank you for your “take the bull by the horns” speech. Thank you for everything; you will not be forgotten.
    – Grace

  • Dr. Millstein,

    I saw you last in April, 2012. I had a problem with hip pain. You arranged an MRI with contrast and cortisone injection. It was like a miracle. You also suggested water PT – Nicole was great at Complete PT – and I continue to go to the followup classes there. Moreover, special kudos to Mariana. As I have been to more doctors and dealt with their assistants, I have come to realize what an absolute gem Mariana is. She found out information for me so I wouldn’t be so anxious about the cortisone shot, and has always been extremely nice. This is so important when patients are in pain.  My hip still threatens occasionally but I am much better and considering going to Europe. Thank you so much.

  • A few weeks ago, you had to cancel an appointment I had due to you being in surgery.  My symptoms had mostly subsided, and I was actually calling your office to discuss whether I should come in or not, when they informed me you wouldn’t be there.  I’m writing to tell you how appreciative and impressed I was by your personal phone call that evening apologizing for having to cancel last minute.  I’m seventy-two years old and have never known of a doctor to be considerate of his patients the way you are.  I have told dozens of people about you and your commitment to your patients.  I’m sorry I didn’t write to you earlier.  Again, thank you so very much for being you.  I certainly will see you when I have need.

    – Ron